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Oberbruch Industry Park

Oberbruch Industry Park
Nuon is the owner and operator of Oberbruch Industry Park in Heinsberg (GE). Nuon provides the supply of utilities, process support products and a range of services at the park. The location is close to large German cities, has excellent logistical connections and is home to international production companies focussed on chemicals, fibres, and innovative materials.

About Nuon’s industry parks

The Nuon portfolio includes four industry parks in the Netherlands and Germany. The parks are all located in areas that are known for their economic strength and research potential. The industry parks accommodate independent manufacturing companies up to environmental category 6 that utilise the infrastructure and facilities of the site. Nuon Industry Parks provides land, infrastructure, waste water treatment and safe and reliable utility products for companies at the parks. Clients are offered customized solutions and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of synergy at the industry parks. Due to economies of scale and energy efficiency, costs are reduced and productions can be optimized.

Customers are offered a flexible range of energy and process support products. The standard products at all the parks are:

  • Heat
  • Steam at various pressure levels
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Waste water purification
  • Drinking water
  • Demineralised water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Various qualities of compressed air
  • Grid management

In addition, each industry park offers its own package of general, technical and support services. Nuon’s industry parks are certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Characteristics of Oberbruch Industry Park

The park mainly comprises companies involved in chemical processing, plastics, bio technology and innovative materials and together they employ about 2,000 people. Nuon Industry Parks maintains an optimal infrastructure for the benefit of industrial plants and offers a range of professional services so that customers can focus on their core business. The site encompasses a total of 110 hectares including newly developed industrial space for new investments.

Nuon produces both electricity and heat for the park through a combined heat and power plant (CHP). In addition to the standard products (cf. above) Nuon offers the following products and services at Oberbruch Industry Park:

  • Well water
  • Softened water
  • Deferrized water
  • 6°C cooling water
  • Waste water treatment
  • Logistical services
  • Laboratory services
  • Engineering
  • Site security
  • inspection

History of Oberbruch Industry Park

The park’s history goes back more than a 100 years and is  the birthplace of the German rayon and chemical fibres industry. The park originated as the former site of Glanzstoff, which later became Acordis. Glanzstoff Oberbruch was a pioneer of modern chemical fibres and started by producing artificial silk from copper, later viscose, and in 1950 the company began producing nylon. A history of successful changes has brought vital innovation capabilities for technology driven companies. Nowadays the park functions as an ideal production location for industrial companies focussed on innovative and sustainable materials.